Prices may vary due to current market and are applicable to changes where necessary. Please note these prices are for the food per head and are excluding our Service Charge Fee.

Purple Olive BBQ’s

This is the true heart of our passion, our love for cooking comes from how much we love to BBQ.  At home in Cyprus we would BBQ almost every day during the sweltering summer months, it wasn’t just food, it was a way of life, an ethos to live by.  A BBQ is designed to be lingered over, take your time, spend time with your guests, socialise and relax into the meal.  And this is what we truly aim to bring to your table.  No fuss, no hassle, just time for you to enjoy the company around you.  All you have to do is sit back and relax and let us take care of the rest.  Have a browse through our BBQ menus below for ideas, we are happy to create bespoke menus if you would like to contact us to discuss further 

BBQ Buffet Menu

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Buffets & Micro Buffets

For those occasions where you just fancy a bit of nibbly food instead of a full blown, sit down meal, a buffet is an ideal solution for you.  A wonderful selection of buffet items to tantalise your guests with and make life just a little easier, let your imagination run wild with the endless options of styles and cuisines available to you.  This could be a perfect fit for a busy wedding party that just needs a little bit of food on hand, a bustling Halloween party or a corporate business meeting that requires some sustenance.  And now we are happy to be able to offer Micro Buffets for those moments when you would like to still enjoy the small bites without having too much waste, perfect for small events or for enjoying with just your household for movie nights, themed nights or just because it’s a Thursday!

Cold Buffet Pick & Mix

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Cold Buffet Selection

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Sit Down Meals

If you’re looking for a more formal setting of a Sit Down Meal then these options are probably best for you.  Designed to be enjoyed as one, two or three courses at a table setting.  We come to your venue and prepare, cook and serve your meal to you whilst you enjoy the rest of your evening.  You can even add an extra one hour of Washing Up Service time to our service charge so you don’t have to worry about any of your dirty dishes, leaving you free to enjoy the company of your guests worry free.

Sit Down Meal Option 1

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Sit Down Meal Option 2

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Sit Down Meal Option 3

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Sit Down Meal Option 4

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Meze Style Dining Experience

The Mediterranean are known for their long, slow dinners that can take hours, filled with lots of talking & laughter.  A Meze, meaning a selection of hot and cold dishes, is to be taken at a slow pace, there is no rush in enjoying this style of meal.  It is an ideal choice of menus for a slow-paced evening, an event where you want to socialise through the meal or just simply for those that love to graze on their meals.  Let us knock you into a delicious food coma with a wide range of gorgeous dishes to get your taste buds and senses jumping for joy!

Meze Style Dining Experience

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Freezer Meals

We have created a range of simple, home cooked meals that can be frozen at home and then easily defrosted and microwaved to reheat when you need to use them.  An idea borne from necessity during the Covid-19 lockdown after realising how many people were left without the means to get out to the shops when needed but we are grateful to still find that this service is found useful even now.  It is an ideal solution for busy parents or workers, the elderly, the vulnerable and has even proved helpful to people that just do not like to cook!  Nutritious, healthy, wholesome meals that are delivered freshly cooked and can be consumed that day or popped straight into the freezer for another day.

Freezer Meals Menu

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Celebration Meals

A perfect menu to order for yourself, a loved one or to even send to someone who is due a celebration day.  Although it was created so that Lockdown Birthdays, Anniversaries and any other special occasions could still be celebrated in style we have found that it is still a much-loved item.  We offer a restaurant quality meal, served in crockery and glass (as opposed to the usual plastic containers), delivered to your door hot and ready for you to simply just sit down and enjoy!

Celebration Meal Menu

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Roast Dinners

Each Sunday we offer a rotating Roast Dinner menu, delicious, hot and freshly cooked, delivered to your door at Sunday Lunchtime.  We rotate through Beef, Pork, Gammon, Chicken, Duck and Lamb with some special menu items that pop up from time to time as a treat.  All served with all the expected trimmings that belong with a roast dinner and what has now become our extremely popular Red Wine Jus for most meats.  And let us not forget the cherry on the cake, so to speak, desserts offered by The Sweet Tooth Fairy which vary each Sunday

Mulled Wine Mix

Where would we be without this festive, Christmas classic?  Our Mulled Wine Mix is an aromatic & warming blend of specially selected spices & fruit peels, traditional & tasty, a must have blend around the festive season.  Each pouch provides enough for two bottles of red wine.  All you have to do is provide the wine, simmer on a low heat with our spice mix, serve and enjoy!  

Lamb Rub Mix

This is our hand blended Roast Lamb Rub, a beautiful and aromatic blend of Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano and Mint brought together to compliment and bring your lamb to the next level in flavour!  Simply use a tablespoon of oil on top of your roast joint, add as much or as little of our Rub Mix as suits your taste and rub in all over the top of your meat.  Pop in the oven and cook as you usually would.  This delicious blend of herbs will leave your mouth watering until dinner time.

Tzantziki Mix

One of our most popular products is our homemade Tzantziki, a delicious, cooling Greek Yoghurt with Mint, Garlic & Cucumber that adds a special flavour to any meal, a complimentary side to most dishes, but exceptionally good with BBQ food.  Now with our Tzantziki mix you can make it yourself at home.  Just simply add as much or as little of our mix to Greek Yoghurt to suit your taste and add cucumber and away you go!